The Book of Light

Author and artist: Inga Garniere

The Book of Light is a bright story, dedicated to children and parents.


The Book of Light inspires children and adults, opens inner talents and minds.

Written on six languages: English, Russian, Latvian, Spanish, French and Norwegian.

The Book of Light contains 30 beautiful illustrations with text and 8 colorings.


“Love our Earth and she will Love you back”

fullsizerender…” And then You fill find unity in all species and nature”




“The more Dots of Light there are in the circle, the brighter it will be. ”  Inga Garniere



My program and/workshops for children are based on The Book of Light.

This method helps to open and develope creative mind for children and help even to parents 🙂

At the workshop we are reading, smiling, talking and drawing Together with kids and parents.

We share our world experience and learn about our world.

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